Eva Fini Fund — Rett Syndrome Research

Join us for the:

The 6th Annual Evaning of Hope

on July 11, 2015





Inspired by recent groundbreaking advancements in Rett Syndrome research, the Eva Fini Fund is designed to support organizations and scientists at major institutions who are committed to furthering a cure and treatment for Rett syndrome and other MECP2-related disorders.

Founded in 2010 by Albert and Aimee Fini, The Eva Fini Fund resources go to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization intensively focused on providing support for world-class scientific research of Rett Syndrome disorders.

Rett Syndrome is the most physically disabling of the autism spectrum disorders. Primarily affecting little girls, it usually strikes by 18 months of age, and leaves its victims severely disabled. Most children with Rett are unable to talk, walk or use their hands. Extreme anxiety, Parkinson-like tremors, intractable seizures and orthopedic problems are common. Many children live to adulthood, requiring total, 24-hour-a-day care. 

Recently the symptoms of Rett Syndrome have been reversed in pre-clinical models. This achievement has established a new paradigm for 21st century medicine and the treatment of Rett Syndrome.

Launched in the wake of this dramatic and unexpected result, the Eva Fini Fund along with the Rett Syndrome Research Trust has a single focus – to make Rett Syndrome the first reversible brain disorder.

We are energized to join the other Rett Syndrome fundraising entities around the world fighting to unlock the potential of our daughters by realizing a reversal of Rett Syndrome.